The Great Freight Shed Fix-Up


Hardy Construction of Brewer, ME sided and skirted 2 sides of the freight shed to look as it did in original pictures. Notable features include: custom cut clapboards with 3” exposure; vertical wainscoting, and custom trim using pattern from station portion. Doors have been installed in the openings to comply with current code. These doors will be covered with freight shed sliding doors to reproduce the original look when the Depot is not in use.

Stop by and see the progress for yourself the next time you are passing through.

Greenville Junction Depot Friends (GJDF) appreciate Todd Hardy’s willingness to work with us in phases as our budget allows..

With the great success of our New Roof Campaign we are moving ahead to the next exciting phase:  The Exterior!!!!

We are beginning with the freight shed side of the building.  Clapboards, paint, doors, and windows on the lake side.  We’ve done the heavy lifting to stabilize, level and weather-proof the building.  Now for the fun stuff!  Each part of our exterior restoration will show on the outside.  Imagine driving by the depot, seeing her painted, trim, and bright and knowing that you had a piece in preserving this historic structure and beautifying downtown Greenville Junction.  Our depot is one of the oldest original railroad structures in the United States.  Help us preserve it for generations to come!  Donate to the Great Freight Shed Fix-Up today!

We don’t have long to raise all the money we need to keep the restoration on-track.  Donate Today!