Greenville Jct. Depot Friends is a 501(c) (3) organization sanctioned by the IRS.

All donations to the renovation and upgrading of the Depot building are completely tax deductible under IRS regulations as a charitable donation.


1. What is happening NOW?
 Having completed the freight shed exterior in 2021, GJDfs are focusing on finishing the exterior of the “station” portion. Although  much has been painted the overhang and the corbels need work and the windows restored.
2. What will be gained from a restored depot station?
In it’s new life, the depot building will provide the Moosehead region with a much needed community resource building, available for use/rent to the community- such as – senior citizen activities, railroad activities, weddings, dances, musical activities, scouts -to name just a few.
3. How can I help?
SAVE THE DEPOT is always seeking volunteers! Currently, we are seeking people to help with our initial fundraising events – such as tee-shirt and raffle booths at local events. Very soon, the fundraising committee will be in need of volunteers to help organize special events. Email savethedepot@aol.com to have your name added to our list of willing helpers. We value your time as much as you do, so even if it’s only a little bit you can give, it will help us to go a long way!
4. How do I get a nifty SAVE THE DEPOT tee-shirt?
SAVE THE DEPOT tee-shirts – Tee shirts designed by supporter Dana Bishop are available at events, open house tours and on line.
5. Who are the Greenville Junction Depot Friends?
We, the Greenville Junction Depot Friends, are a volunteer-based community organization in Greenville, Maine. Through restoring and maintaining the historic Greenville Junction depot building, we strive to offer a gathering place to serve our community with a venue for: (events including, but not limited to) Senior citizen gatherings Educational exhibits/presentations, etc. Community social occasions Preservation of Northern Maine Railroad memorabilia Meeting center for visiting recreational organizations


• The original Greenville Junction Railroad Depot building was built by the Canadian Pacific Railroad in 1889. The rounded “witches hat” and ladies waiting room was added sometime between 1901 and 1910. The Depot will celebrate 133 years in 2022.

• The Maine Historic Preservation Society named the Greenville Junction Depot building as the most endangered historic building in Maine in 2008.  In 2017 the depot was added to the National Register of Historic Buildings.

• A group of concerned citizens began an organization in 2010 called Greenville Junction Depot Friends for the purpose of raising funds to save the structure from further deterioration, and to refurbish the building for community use.

• After being owned by several different railroads, the Depot has come full circle and is once again owned by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

• Licensed Professional Engineer Carmen Bombeke of Gartley&Dorsky Engineering & Surveying, and 2A Architects, Camden, ME have examined the entirety of the building structure and has deemed it sound. A full report has been delivered to the board of directors outlining proposed stages for rehabilitation of the structure.

• Greenville Junction Depot Friends obtained IRS 501 (C)(3) status early in 2011. All donations to “Save the Depot” are fully tax deductible as a charitable donation. Donations may be sent to P.O. Box 16, Greenville, Maine 04441. A receipt will be sent to you by return mail for your IRS tax purposes. Donate Online

• The Depot Friends have been raising money through donations as well as the sale of t-shirts, hats, mugs, postcards, raffles of several original paintings of the building and through guided tours of the building.

• The Greenville Junction Depot Friends host several events through the summer:  Moosehead Artisans Show in June; a tea party in Ladies Waiting Room in July; Annual Celebration with mooseburger BBQ, music, tours and exhibits.

Current Board Members:

Toby Baird, Amy Bishop, Melody Erickson, Ron Hall, Sandra Ryder, Bob Thomas, Allan Tubbs, Michele Weirich

Media Articles:

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STB approves CP acquisition of Central Maine & Quebec rail line– Progressive Railroading May 2020

Retired Depot on Its Way to Revitalization – WABI TV5 August 2016

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2008 Maines Most Endangered Historic Resources– Maine Preservation:  2008




Chairman: Jane Hall

Secretary/Treasurer: Cheri Goodspeed

Board Members: Toby Baird, Amy Bishop, Ron Hall, Sue Johnston, George Weise, Jennifer Welch, Amber Whitman


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