Save the Depot

Greenville Junction, Maine

How to Help


  Lend an hour or so…  SAVE THE DEPOT is coordinating volunteers to sell tee-shirts, etc. at local events (like the fly-in).  If you have some time to lend, we’d sure appreciate some folks in their tee-shirts to “man the booth.”  Volunteer via email.



Don’t have time to volunteer?  Show your support by donating to the cause!  No amount is too small, because every little bit helps.



Send your check in the enclosed self-addressed, stamped envelope to “Save the Depot”, P.O. Box 16, Greenville, ME 04441.

A receipt will be sent to you by return mail to the address given below for IRS 501 (C ) (3) tax deductible purposes.


Purchase Depot Gear

We have a lot of “Save the Depot” merchandise to display or wear proudly!


Connect with us

Mail: “Save the Depot”, P.O. Box 16, Greenville, ME 04441


Phone: (207)691-0731

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    Getting to the Depot:

    The Depot is Located on Route 15 in Greenville Junction, Maine.

    Join the Greenville Junction Depot Friends   🙂

    Save the Depot shirts in front of train

    A great clip of one of our most supportive people that has now passed,,, great to hear his voice…in Memory of Bob Roberts