The NEW Depot Roof is Complete!

We are proud to announce that after an amazing fundraising campaign and a lot of hard work in 2019 the Greenville Junction Depot received it’s new Roof! 


It wasn’t easy.  As the old roofing was removed it became apparent that the underlayment was not in good enough condition to support the new roofing and had to be replaced and reinforced.

The roof at the depot was in sorry shape. Much worse than expected. After removing 3 layers of roofing, the boards were all rotten after 130 years of sheltering the building. We had events coming! Water was getting in!  We had to do something quick!  The Greenville Junction Depot Friends mobilized and was able to come up with the funds to cover the unexpected costs and by the end of Summer, we had a brand new roof!  For the first time in a long time the depot is adequately protected from the harsh elements of the Moosehead Lake Region!

The intricacies of this work, especially on the Witches Hat of the Ladies Waiting Room are apparent here. 

The Depot is a surprisingly large structure.


Shown here finishing up the shingling of the Witches Hat.

Paul of Dovetail Bats holds the 2 finials. One done at his business and one by Bob Stetson.
Our thanks to both men and to Roofing Systems of Maine and Todd Harding Carpentry.


Isn’t she pretty?!!