Lease Signed with the Central Maine and Quebec Railway


Lease-Signing at the Depot:
(Left to Right) Bob Roberts retired CP Section Foreman, Cheri Goodspeed GJDF Board member, Jane Hall GJDF Board President, Tom Tardif, representing CMQR

On May 13th, 2015 the Greenville Junction Depot Friends signed a long-term lease of the Depot Building and it’s immediate property from the Central Maine and Quebec Railway. This truly represents a new era for the depot. Not only does this make it so we no longer need to look for a piece of property to buy, it greatly reduces the overall cost and complexity of the project. We are thrilled to announce that the future is looking very bright for our little depot!

A very special thanks to everyone who was involved putting this lease together and especially to the CMQR for allowing us to preserve a piece of regional character. Canadian Pacific Railway continues with the long term lease signed in 2015.